February 3, 2018
Refrigerant R404a
February 3, 2018
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Refrigerant R134a


1,1,1,2 -Tetrafluoroethane (R134a)

R134a is internationally recognized asone of the main refrigerant working substances to substitute CFC-12. It doesnot contain chlorine atom, gives no bad effects against ozonosphere and hasexcellent safety performances, such as non-inflammability, non-explosiveability, non-toxicity, non-pungency, and non-corrosive ability. It is acolorless gas under ordinary temperature and a colorless & transparentliquid under the pressure of itself. As the substitute for CFC-12, it is oftenused in the refrigerating systems of auto air conditioners, commercial andindustrial purposes, and as the vesicant, it is used to produce theheat-protective material made of rigid plastics, and also to prepare otherblend refrigerants, such as R404A & R407C.


Index Unit HFC-134a
Chemical formula   CH2FCF3
Molecular weight g/mol 102.0
Boiling point

101.3kpa (?)

? -26.2
Freezing point 101.3kpa (?) ? -96.6
Critical temperature ? 101.1
Critical pressure KPa 4066.6
Saturated liquid density (25?) Kg/m3 1188.1
Specific heat (25?liquid) KJ/kg·k 1.42
Critical density g/cm3 0.512
Vaporization heat at boiling point KJ/kg 215.0
Water solubility (25?) W% 0.15
ODP   0
GWP   0.29

Quality Specification?

Index Quality Performance
Appearance Colorless & transparent liquid
Purity %? 99.9%
Moisture %? 0.001
Acidity (as HCl)%? 0.0001
Evaporation residue %? 0.01
Chlorides(Cl-) test %? 0.0003
No condensable gas (V/V) %? 1.0

Packing?13.6kg/30lb; 22.7kg/50lb; 940kg/926L; ISO TANK

PS?HS Code 29033090.90. DG class 2.2; UN No.3159

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