Blast Chillers & Freezers
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Snow Desert EA LTD’s new generation of advanced blast chillers and blast freezers have been designed to meet the needs of all professional food processing operations. Blast chillers and freezers help to increase productivity by reducing the time taken to chill or freeze cooked products ready for storage or transportation. But most importantly, blast freezers and chillers improve food hygiene and reduce waste by minimizing the multiplication of potentially harmful microorganisms. All our blast chillers and freezers are compliant. The blast freezer is only used to freeze goods. Once the right temperature is reached, the product is transferred to a cold storage room where it is kept at the desired temperature. The same counts for the blast chiller, used for temperatures above freezing point.

Our range of blast chillers and freezers includes a variety of access options and sizes so there will be a model to suit the needs of all food operations large or small.


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